A young man that Hibito on his journey. Yuki at first is kind and helpful, but eventually it is revealed that he is not confident in his own abilities. He is unfortunately lead astray by the temptation of Dark Matter. But after his 2nd battle against Hibito, he realized the truth and destroyed the dark G-con. his Element is Wind and his weapon is a Rapier.


Weapons Edit

G-con Edit

Like every other Grapper, Yuki uses a G-con, which activates his Glade, and G-con Element. Yuki used to possess a Dark G-con, but realized the truth after the 2nd battle with Hibito, and destroyed it.

Rapier Edit

Yuki uses a rapier as his Glade. The rapier is originally a mint-green color, but then changed to a violet color. The rapier has 3 sickle-like objects on the handle.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Y: A quick lunge forward.

Y + Up: Jumps at a forward/upwards angle, while swinging his sword upwards.

Y + Down: He jumps back a distance, then lunges forward, similar to Y.

Y + Jump: He brings his sword forward, and flashes his sword around.

X: He brings his sword forward, and flashes it around, similar to Y + Jump.

X + Up: He brings his sword forward, then upwards, with a wind trail following the sword, which eventually breaks down into petals.

X + Down: He lunges forward, and a small energy ball appears at the rapier's tip, that breaks down into petals.

X + Jump: The same as X + Up, but in mid-air.

Grapple: He grabs forward, then jumps into the air, bringing his sword up (similar to Y + Up), And a small tornado appears, then he falls back to the ground, and lunges forward.

Phat Beat Combo: Yuki puts his sword upwards, and wings appear out of his back, lifting him up, then, he dashes forward while lunging mid-air, then disappears, and reappears.