Shelly is a young girl who seeks revenge for her brother, who wished to be a Major Grapper, but had his dreams destroyed when the "Black Fang" injured him so badly he could never Grap again. She finds Guy and wishes to battle him, in order to avenge her brother against the "Black Fang". She soon realizes that Guy may have changed his ways. Her Element is Ice and her Glade is a Bow.


Weapons Edit

G-con Edit

Like every other grapper, her Glade and Element is activated by her G-con. Her G-con Element is Ice.

Bow & Arrow Edit

Her G-con generates a Glade, in the form of a Bow & Arrow. Her arrows are made from ice. Her bow has a purple grip, with gold-colored handles on both ends. The lower and upper limb resembles an icy color with 2 diamonds on each limb, with a silver outer shell.

Attacks/Powers Edit

Y: A simple slash with her bow.

Y + Up: A twirl, then a slash upwards with her bow.

Y + Down: She fires a bow downward that ejects a spike on both sides of her, that grow, then shatter.

X: She creates, and fires an arrow from her bow, that creates a spiked ice sphere on contact.

X + Up: She creates, and fires 3 arrows upward from her bow, that creates a spike ice sphere on contact.

X + Down: She creates, and fires an arrow downwards, that creates a spike on both sides of her, similar to Y + Down, but a moment before the spike shatters, 2 more sets of spikes eject out of the ground, then grow and shatter.

Grapple: She creates 6 wide icicles one-by-one, then the icicles dash towards the center, and shatter.

Bullet (Projectile): She touches her heart with her hand, and then faces it frontward.

Jump + Y/X: She creates, and fires an arrow in mid-air, downwards.

Jump Bullet (Projectile): Jump Bullet (Projectile) is the same as Bullet (Projectile), but in mid-air.

Phat Beat Combo: Shelly jumps up into the air, and creates a giant icicle, spiked at the top, and fires it, then falls to the ground.

G-Con Activation: She puts her hand out frontwards, and a small chunk of ice appears, then slowly grows into a giant ice crystal, resembling a Rhombohedron, that shines for a moment, then shatters, revealing the bow inside of it.