Kyle is a pirate, son of the pirate Orca, who owns a large vessel known as the "Blue Whale". Orca has been tricked into working up a large debt, and Kyle ventures to become a Major Grapper so he can enter a Majors-only tournament with a cash-reward big enough to pay it off. his Element is Water and he uses a double-sided Spear Glade.


Kyle wears a blue sky shirt with yellow stripes and blue pants. His hair and eyes are blue and he has a blue triangle tattoo under his left eye.

Weapons Edit

G-con Edit

Like every other grapper, Kyle uses a G-con, which activated his G-con Element and his Glade.

Double-Sided Spear Edit

Kyle's glade is a double sided spear. On both sides, the spearheads are colored in 2 different shades of blue, one closer to turquoise, while the other is closer to a cobalt blue. Near the handle, there is a diamond-shaped gem, encased in a gold-color case.

Attacks/Powers Edit

Y: A simple jab with his spear.

Y + Up: He slides his spear above the ground, and does a short spin frontwards.

Y + Down: He slides his spear above the ground.

X: He jabs his spear 3 times, upward, forward, and downward.

X + Up: He does a short spin with his spear, and then jabs.

X + Down: He slides forward, and twirls with his spear.

Grapple: He does a short spin, then slides his spear above the ground forwards, and spins his spear forward. Dolphins appear, and spin, then shrink down.

Jump + Y: He jabs downward mid-air

Jump + X: He swings his spear downward mid-air

Jump + Down + Y: He swings his spear frontward.

Phat Beat Combo: He points his spear upward, and a small waterfall appears behind him, and water spear dash around the screen.